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We're one of the companies that provide elo boosting services all over the world. We have a clear mission, which is to make our customers as happy as possible. Together with our elo boosters we will deliver good, friendly and professional elo boosting services. Thanks to our customers we became the best website to date. We are constantly hiring league of legends players so feel free to join our family and become part of it all!


If you want to work as a lol booster and become a part of our team you need to be ready to become a part of a big family and just be yourself, but when offering a service, it will be asked from you to take responsibility, act professional and finish the elo boost swiftly.

Gradually Growing

We take all elo booster who are committed and want to play and earn money , who are dedicated and want to become part of something bigger. If you are looking to earn money while playing your favorite game you have come to the right place.

Satisfied elo Boosters and Customers

Our company knows that when we have satisfied and happy customers we have satisfied boosters, so we kindly ask from each of our elo booster to care about every customer so we can continue growing and have more and more orders from where our boosters will earn more and more money by playing league of legends.

Big Family

If you are for a place where you will be understood, a place where you will be around people who are just like you, you have found your place. Here it is not all about boosting, it is about new friendships, every single member of our team is equally valued and everyone of them is important to us. So here we all care about each other. Earn money while playing.

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High Elo Players

Since we put a lot of effort into improving our elo services, we're only looking for diamond1 and above players. We currently look for boosters from the following regions

  • Brazil - BR.
  • Europe Nordic & East - EUNE
  • Europe West - EUW.
  • Latin America North - LAN.
  • Latin America South - LAS.
  • North America - NA.
  • Oceania - OCE.
  • Russia - RU.
  • Turkey - TR
  • Japan - JP
  • Garena Southeast Asia - SEA
  • People’s Republic of China - CN
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Required Availability

We do not have any time requirements from our elo booster they are free to play as much as they want, but when they are working on a boost it is recommended to be done swiftly.

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Good Manners

It's really important for our elo boosters to have proper communication skills and have the ability to speak fluently at least English. It is important from the boosters to be kind to the consumers and their team members.

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