Frequently asked questions


Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers and that is YOU and give you results that you will be proud of and as extra we always give our customers more that they have payed for. Our prices and services are one of the best you can find on the market, we are safer, cheaper and our services are one of the best you can find. One of the better traits is that you have 100% control over your boost you can pause it any time you like, track the progress and if you are not satisfied with the results that you get ( more explained in the refund question) we give you 100% full refund no questions asked.
No, Our booster will not chat with your friends.
Your account will be safe and our boosters will never steal your account, since that is not possible because you can always recover it using your email.
Yes you are allowed to play normal games between boosting sessions, however you need to ask your booster if you intend to play. Playing ranked games can be counter intuitive since it can slow down the progress of your boost. however you need to ask your booster if you intend to play.
Since you have 100% control over your boost you are able to chat with your booster at any time during your boost, you can also pause your boost by contacting our team or your booster.
Yes booster can do that if it would seem profitable to him in order to provide best performance during elo boosting.
Absolutely YES. We give such option that you can choose your booster and even change him if you like. For this option you will need to contact our team after you have made a purchase and they will be more than happy to help you. However if the boster you are looking for is already carrying come orders there will be a short delay before he can take your boost.
They are forbidden to take such action. He can ask you if he is allowed to spend your IP, while spending RP is only allowed if you desire that from him.
Yes, you can by contacting our team which is done through the contact form or simply by telling your booster. Your order will be detached from current booster and would get back into base, so that any free booster could pick it up once you tell your booster or by contacting us. However if the booster that have started your boost is taken you can either get a different booster or if you want you can wait for a few days for your booster to finish so he can take your boost.
Yes we provide such feature the minimum number is 3 and max number is 10. You can specify champions for boost by entering your desired champions in the input form before purchasing. If you desire to change that feel free to tell your booster or contact our team.


Currently we are offering elo boosting services in United Kingdom (uk), Europe(deutschland, poland, romania, all over europe), turkey(türkiye), russia (Российская Федерация), North America (NA), Latin America (LAN).
We do offer a way where you can sell your lol account instantly, and we have an expert who will tell you how much your lol account is worth.
Yes we do sell league of legends account, both unranked and ranked.
Our master, challenger division coacher (lol players) are offering lol coaching services and love helping lol players reach higher divisions fast and easy. So if you want to learn from someone with more experience and become better this is the way to go buy a lol coach.
If you want to earn free skins and other prices from a higher division you can buy an elo boost. Or maybe you want to be a cool and brag about being a higher division than your friends or maybe you just want to avoid the low level trolls and avoid feeders, so you can finaly enjoy the lol games and lay with good players.


Currently we are accepting almost all kind of credit and debit cards and every other cards that are accepted by paypal.
Now your order is in our system and would shortly be claimed by a booster, while in the meanwhile our team will contact you via email to give you access to our secret discord chat or if you desire a different form of contact. When a booster claims your order he will notify you before starting the first game on your account.
Whenever there is a discount we notify our customers via email. So if you are not already a customer what are you waiting for ?
Simply by contacting us through the live chat or contact form. Since we want to make you feel safe that you will get what you paid for, we give full refund if the order does not meet the the deadline